Who are We?

NURICON UNION (PVT.) LIMITED is Pakistan’s oldest and one of the largest companies serving the equipment and services needs of Pakistan oil and gas exploration, development and production industry.

It serves this market via representation of world renowned manufacturers of oilfield equipment and provision of various oilfield services. Despite the severe volatility and cyclicality of oil prices during the past few years, high level of drilling activity has sustained itself in Pakistan. In order to capture a larger share of this growing market, it has been Nuricon management’s strategic imperative to expand the range of supply and services that it offers.

Nuricon Union (Pvt.) Ltd. was founded in 1975 by Mr. Syed Nurul Hussain after a 17 year illustrious career in Pakistan Burmah Shell (now Shell Pakistan) in a variety of engineering and senior management positions. His vision was to serve the energy industry of Pakistan by providing a variety of products and services, not only for the existing infrastructure but also for new projects that would be implemented as Pakistan’s energy needs would grow. Nuricon has not wavered from this vision and it still continues and will continue to uphold it.


How Have We Evolved?


Nuricon’s original line of business was representing various manufacturers of oil related equipment for the upstream, midstream and downstream segments of Pakistan’s energy industry. This business still continues but with a different mix of Principals which has been determined by changing industry trends, consolidation in the industry via mergers and acquisitions and Principals’ strategic direction.

Nuricon is very proud of its success in establishing significant market share for its Principals’ products in Pakistan. In some instances the success was sufficient for them to justify establishing their own direct presence in Pakistan.

As far back as 1986, Nuricon management recognized that it was essential that it enter the services sector for the sake of its long term viability. At that time there was limited availability of Pakistani service people and customers were not entirely comfortable in reposing confidence in an indigenous service company. But with the support of the Ministry of Petroleum and one of its Principals at that time NL Baroid, Nuricon offered mud engineering services and was successful in  securing its first contract from Pakistan Petroleum Limited on its Kandhkot field development drilling project. This was a pioneering move on Nuricon’s part as no other local indigenous company had ever done this in Pakistan. Nuricon prides itself as a “learning” organization and with the experience thus gained, it is now the market leader in providing equipment intensive services such as cathodic protection, slickline and mud logging. Recently it has entered coring services market after securing a contract from a large multinational E&P company. For each of these services, separate subsidiary companies have been incorporated.

While Nuricon remains focused on Pakistan’s energy industry including Exploration & Production , Oil & Gas Transmission and Refining & Marketing , it also has the knowledge, experience and infrastructure to sell to adjacent markets such as Fertilizers, Power Generation, Petrochemicals etc. This has been necessitated by the fact that several of Nuricon’s Principals have products that have applications in these markets and to do justice to them it was imperative for it to develop capabilities to sell into them.  

Value Proposition

  • We aim to represent top-flight accounts

  • We are an established brand name based on quality and integrity of service provided to both its Customers and Principals

  • We differentiate ourselves by delivering value based on quality products and provision of  all backup support 

  • We do not act as a “post office” for brands we represent but instead have “skin” in the game by being very involved with both client and principal.

What Is Our Value System?

success (1).png

We have to work hard for our Customers and Principals and deliver value to them

solution (1).png

We have to conduct our activities with integrity


We have to remain focused on our customers’ needs

diagram (1).png

We are committed to growing our principals’ business


We will never forget our commitment to our people by:

o Treating them with respect

o Compensating them well

o Training and empowering them to take correct decisions


Future Direction


Nuricon will continue its unrelenting commitment to the value propositions that it provides to its Customers and Principals alike and will not waver from its historical value system. It will continue to look for new representational arrangements so it can provide products to its customers that enable them to produce oil and gas economically at enhanced rates while at the same time opening up opportunities in the Pakistan market for its new Principals.