Case 1

In late 2005 one of Nuricon’s existing Principals introduced it to a world class oilfield equipment manufacturer who was not represented in Pakistan and was interested in expanding its sales in this market which was dominated by one of its largest competitors. The competitor had had a presence in Pakistan for well over 70 years and was deeply entrenched to the extent most of its sales were on a single source basis. Through its market intelligence Nuricon was aware that this company had become complacent and that Customers were not happy with it and were looking for an alternative source of supply. Nuricon exploited this weakness and successfully introduced the new Principals’ products in the Pakistan market. Nuricon worked collaboratively with the new Principal by explaining its products’ unique features to its Customers, advising Customer requirements to the Principal and providing price guidance as a result of which market penetration was successfully achieved. Customers have consistently appreciated the quality of this Principals’ products and the after sales support provided by Nuricon. Its market share continues to grow and in a span of 13 years it is now in excess of 50%.

Case 2

 During 2014 when oil prices were peaking at over US$100 per barrel, Government of Pakistan was facing an expanding trade deficit due to high cost of imported crude. It thus asked local E&P companies to increase their production. But in order to do this the E&P companies needed to enhance their capabilities to identify new drilling prospects. Nuricon worked with one of its Principals to offer state of the art equipment to one of its customers in order to achieve this objective. This entailed an intense three way collaborative effort between the Customer, Principal and Nuricon to ensure that the equipment was correctly specified, the cost was economic with a positive a rate of return and was easy to operate and maintain. This resulted in the single largest order in Nuricon’s history and it continues to support the Customer in the operations and maintenance of the equipment purchased.

Case 3

Nuricon was approached by an oilfield product manufacturer to market its products in Pakistan. Upon examination of its products, design features and customer testimonials, Nuricon agreed to take up the challenge to represent this company. This was a daunting task because this company has 3 competitors who collectively held major market share. Additionally these competitors are very large companies and a very vast product line addressing the entire oil and gas production value chain. Leveraging on its reputation and customer relationships, Nuricon managed to get this company placed on bidders’ list for several customers. Through diligent acquisition of market intelligence Nuricon devised a pricing strategy that enabled this company to acquire a substantial market share in a short period of time.

Case 4

During the 90’s Pakistan was facing a severe gas shortage and several large gas fired power plants were constructed to ease the electricity short fall. These plants entered into gas supply agreements with a gas producer who had to embark on an ambitious field development program. Nuricon provided value to several of its Principals by managing to obtain large number of orders for them. Furthermore since the Customer was under stringent contractual obligations, any delay on receipt of equipment in Pakistan would have put the Customer at substantial financial risk. Nuricon worked with its Principals and set up a process to manage the orders to ensure their timely shipment to Pakistan.

Case 5

Nuricon represented a company who grew its business to a level that made it justifiable for it to position an expatriate in Pakistan to supplement the sales efforts of Nuricon’s staff. As the sales continue to grow, Nuricon then hired local engineers who were trained by the expatriate engineer so they could undertake field service work and thus lower the cost for its Customers. After a while, a Customer was so satisfied and comfortable with the engineers’ work that, with Nuricon’s consent, it offered them positions. This enhanced their career prospects and thus became Nuricon’s “Ambassadors”. This pattern repeated itself many times over and as a result Nuricon continues to attract strong candidates to apply to work for it.